Excel and Excel-VBA Built-In and Custom Tools for Productivity

How to send mass emails directly from Excel using VBA without Merge

A version of this script has been used to create personalized emails for a list of clients. In my opinion this is much cooler than the in-built merge function because it allows to automate complex calculations and generate any kind of personalized email (even with HTML markup), attach files (which you can also generate on the go right before you send) and whatever else comes to your mind.

Generating custom random distributions using Excel VBA

This custom function generates triangular distribution with a specified minimum, maximum and mean.

Working with cells in Excel-VBA

A complete overview of all Excel-VBA operations related to cells object: referencing, reading/writing, looping, deleting, inserting, hiding/showing, naming.

How to run simple Monte-Carlo simulations using Excel-VBA

Excel-VBA script for running simple Monte-Carlo simulations in Excel (no add-ins required).