Excel-VBA and Python Scripts for Business

Useful Python and VBA for applications scripts to automate routine. 

  • How to check if a file exists in Excel-VBA

    Today we will discuss different ways to check if a file exists in Excel-VBA.

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  • Network effects as value drivers for online digital companies

    This research develops valuation methodology of digital companies which exploit network effects. The main asset of companies of this type is their user base. The business model design makes the user base of many of the companies to be directly observable and measurable by any user in the network (wholly or at least partially through sampling). This creates an opportunity for market participants to get an in-depth understanding of the state of the business of the company. This research starts with a brief recap of the key characteristics of networks and dynamic processes on them. After that the most common business model patterns of network companies are mapped and analyzed using business model canvas. Having obtained the mechanics of the business and the qualities of networks of users the DCF valuations are conducted. The baseline DCF simulations use top-down approaches for projecting cash-flows, growth and risks and the test case simulations use network science based approaches. The last part of the research is devoted to empirical testing of the influence of the network effects on company pricing using cluster analysis and multiple regression techniques. The findings of this research are of a value to valuation practitioners, standard setters and IR departments. ​

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  • Generating custom random distributions using Excel VBA

    This custom function generates triangular distribution with a specified minimum, maximum and mean.

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  • Scraping all jobs you have applied for in LinkedIn using BeautifulSoup & Python

    Even though LinkedIn tries to protect itself from web scrapers there are ways to extract information using Python. In this example we will gather info about all the positions we have applied to for as long as LinkedIn allows us to see (for me it is 2 years). 

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  • Making a GIF animation using imageio - Python

    Python code to merge images from a specified folder into a gif animation.

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